Meet your camp legal “counselor”.

Victor M. Norris, Esq.

Attorney and Co-owner/Senior Director of Camp Tamakwa


As both a Lawyer and Summer Camp Owner/Director for almost 30 years, Victor Norris has the highly specialized knowledge and expertise to provide the legal representation and litigation/arbitration services necessary in any summer camp liability claim that may arise.


Claim review, evaluation, consultation and expert testimony


Risk Management, Loss Prevention, and Cost Containment


As invaluable as the camp experience is for the growth and development of our kids, there is risk. Most camps, however, manage those risks diligently, which is why they are among today’s safest places for children’s recreational activities.

However, the sheer numbers of camps in North America and their thousands of camper participants can be the unfortunate venue for tragedy and the ensuing injury or catastrophic claim.  Few people outside of the camping industry itself, truly understand the nature of a summer camp operation and all of its intricacies. After all, they are children’s villages––typically isolated and interdependent communities.

My pursuit of becoming the first Camp Legal Counselor came from my experience as an expert witness in a camp drowning fatality lawsuit.  In discussions with counsel and while being deposed, I was immediately struck with how absolutely lacking the attorneys were with respect to any subject matter knowledge whatsoever.  Having no familiarity with the intricacies of administrating a summer camp operation, they were simply unable to identify, understand, prove or defend the respective liabilities––let alone discern or identify standard of care issues––and other nuances regarding safety, supervision, training, logistics and emergencies which are drastically different and unique within a camp setting. To most, camps are a foreign entity.

The combination of my experience as both a camp owner/director and litigator uniquely qualifies me to service clients in a litigation role or that of an expert witness––the value of which is akin to having “the home court advantage” on any camp claim. My subject matter expertise will no doubt provide a measurable return on investment on any claim entrusted to me and can ultimately be proven with the results obtained.

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